Water for the Weary

When Landstar BCO Carl Bumphus was asked to help with “The Water for the Weary” campaign, out of Nashville, Tennessee in February, he didn’t hesitate to accept. The campaign goal was to bring as much water into Flint, Michigan as possible.

To save money, the City of Flint broke away from Detroit’s water system so it could draw water from the Flint River, which was later discovered to be contaminated.

Knowing about the urgent need for drinking water there, a phone call from Reverend Ernest Norman III was all Bumphus needed to get involved. Bumphus, who also serves as a Baptist Minister, was connected to the project through the Nashville City Missionary Baptist District Association. Shortly after getting the call for assistance, he generously donated his truck and time, while Landstar donated use of a trailer.

“Landstar  was great about letting me use a trailer to make the donation,” explained Bumphus. “We filled that trailer with bottled water and gallon jugs of water.”

“I drove from Nashville, Tennessee to Flint, Michigan and then it took all day, about 8 or 9 hours, to unload all the water by hand at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Flint.”

The BCO said he was honored to help the cause, and believes the delivery made a big difference for Flint residents.

“Doing stuff like this makes you feel good,” Bumphus said. “Any time you can do something to help others and make a difference, it makes you feel good.”