Bridge Crane in Laredo, Texas

Heavy or specialized loads present their own unique set of challenges for shippers handling cross-border trade. Pre-trip planning on this type of freight is critical. Each heavy or specialized haul requires a customized transportation strategy. For example, large construction equipment would not be handled the same way household appliances would be. Certain carriers specialize in these types of loads and have the capacity and market knowledge needed to move such freight back and forth across the border.

A crane is used to transload heavy/specialized freight from one truck to another. If the facility the freight is passing through does not have a crane, the shipper is billed for hiring one. Choosing a carrier with its own crane instead of working with a carrier that has to hire another company for the crane is the most cost-effective solution for a shipper. Plus, working with a transportation service provider that is capable of handling all aspects of a heavy/specialized shipment means the freight will not be handed off from one company to another and it makes for an efficient move.

Obtaining permits is the biggest obstacle shippers face when moving heavy/specialized freight across the U.S.-Mexico border. Just as each state in the U.S. has different requirements for moving heavy or oversized loads, so do the states in Mexico. Not only are various permits needed for different states through both countries but there’s more permitting required at customs. The transportation provider a shipper trusts with their heavy or oversized freight should be able to manage this entire process.

Shippers should find a logistics provider that can combine an understanding of transporting specialized freight all the way through from a U.S. point of origin to a destination in Mexico. They should not only have the knowledge of hauling it domestically, but also be able to provide equally capable carriers in the Mexican market to make certain that the freight is secure and managed properly on both sides of the border.

Landstar Advantage: 120-Ton Bridge Crane

Landstar’s Logistics Service Center in Laredo, Texas has a unique 120-ton, stand-alone bridge crane to transload oversize, heavy freight and is the only crane of its kind in Laredo. This crane has a clearance area of 35 feet high and 37 feet wide to accommodate the ability to transload many of the largest super loads. Landstar is a one-stop shop for moving heavy/specialized freight across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Key Takeaway

Find a logistics provider that can effectively handle heavy/specialized freight, owns the equipment needed to lessen multiple hand-offs/companies, can assist with permitting and has expertise on both sides of the border.