Tornado Shelter Delivery

“It’s a special haul when you know what’s on the back of your trailer could save someone’s life,” says Bill Ater, a Landstar Roadstar® honoree and Million Mile Safe Driver.

Ater teamed up with Landstar Business Capacity Owner (BCO) Brad Keith to deliver two tornado shelters for Tom Massey’s independent Landstar agency, Massey Chapman Specialized LLC. The BCOs hauled the 11-foot wide, 4,000 pound shelters 268 miles from Murchison, Texas to the Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

“When we arrived on campus, the shelters were lifted off our trailers by crane and then fixed to a cement slab specifically placed to support and ground the shelter,” says Ater. “We were proud to be part of a delivery that will give the students on campus a safe place to ride out a storm.”

The technology school’s new tornado shelters each safely house 200 people during severe weather.