Ty Grant

Landstar BCO Tyrone “Ty” Grant says he walked up to the stage during BCO Appreciation Days in Rockford, Illinois with a plan – plan D to be specific.

“I said a prayer, kissed my wife and walked up on stage. I decided I was going to stand in front of box D, and if that was taken by another driver, I would go with C, then I had a third choice ready if I needed it,” explained Grant.

Grant described the entire experience as emotional – from the time he walked to the stage, to the moment he lifted his box.

“I got my letter ‘D’ so I was off to a good start, then when we lifted the boxes I didn’t look straight down. I looked at the other BCOs to see what was under their boxes,” says Grant.
“I saw one driver had a star under his, and the other guy had a mini truck and I thought he won. Then, I saw the keys under my box and said to myself ‘Duh Ty, the keys,’ I couldn’t believe I won!”

Grant says he was shocked to realize that he would get to drive off in a brand new 2017 Kenworth T680.

“Out of all the owner-operators and 220,000 entries for the truck, I feel so blessed that I won,” says Grant, who kissed his new truck and hugged his wife Lynn. The Grants live in Rockwall, Texas with their five-year-old daughter and 22-year-old son.

“The future is in the palm of my hand now,” says Grant, who leased to Landstar in 2010. “I was driving a 2002 Freightliner with 1.5 million miles on it and now with this new truck, I don’t have to worry about repairs or breaking down. I can concentrate on successfully growing my business.”

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