Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents stepped up and teamed up to school dozens of students across America in the safe driving techniques. Throughout 2017, several members of the Landstar family provided valuable No-Zone safety education to drivers of all ages how to share the road safely with large vehicles.

In October, Landstar BCO Gary Buchs joined State Farm in educating students about No-Zones during the 2017 Teen Driver Safety Fair in Chicago, Illinois. During the event, Buchs spoke before approximately 650 high school students about the importance of staying vigilant while driving near a big truck and not spending time in a no-zone.

Landstar BCOs Bob and Linda Caffee took their truck to South Carolina in December to educate some Girl Scouts about truck safety and the transportation industry. The team drivers met with two dozen Girl Scouts and their leaders during the event in Fort Mills, South Carolina. The group toured the Caffees’ truck and the BCOs answered questions from the group.

Landstar BCO Brian Ormsby and Landstar Agent Millie Aprim (BRT agency) teamed up to present the No-Zone program in December to more than 200 middle school students in Riverview, Florida. At Winthrop Charter School, Ormsby set cars up in his truck’s blind spots or no-zone to demonstrate the potential dangers of driving in a no-zone. After the demonstration, the BCO answered student questions about safely driving near large commercial vehicles.

Landstar agents and BCOs who are interested in organizing a No-Zone demonstration in their community should contact the safety department at 800-435-2132 and ask to be connected with the field safety manager in your area.