Million Mile Safe Driver Wins Landstar All-Star Truck Giveaway

Dickie Penrod

Landstar gave away a brand new rig in the Landstar All-Star Truck Giveaway powered by Comdata and Western Star.

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Landstar To Give Away Another Truck

Landstar Truck Giveaway

For the second time this year, Landstar is giving away a big rig to one of the more than 9,000 independent owner-operators leased to Landstar.

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All-Star Wins First Giveaway Truck of 2016

Frankie Hill

When Hill arrived at Landstar headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, he couldn’t wait to drive his new truck – and the galaxy silver 2017 Peterbilt 579 sat in the back lot waiting for its new owner. 

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Million Miler, Roadstar Winner & 2016 Citizen Driver of The Year

Bill Ater

Among the three is Landstar BCO Bill Ater, who not only matches the criteria for becoming a Citizen Driver, he is the very definition of an outstanding Landstar BCO, professional driver and model citizen.

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BCO Lifetime Achievement Award

Fred Durbin

Durbin leased on with Ligon on May 5, 1978 and over the last 38 years, has poured his heart and soul into safe driving as part of the Landstar family.

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A Passion for Safety and So Much More

2015 Class of Million Mile Safe Drivers

There are 131 BCOs who make up Landstar’s 2015 Class of Million Mile Safe Drivers.

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Million Mile Safe Drivers, Roadstar Winners & 1st Truck Winner of 2016

Collectively, the 122 active BCOs who make up the Million Miler Class of 2015 have safely driven more than 122 million miles.

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Newest Million Mile Safe Drivers, Roadstar Awards & Truck Winner

Rich Snyder

Landstar paid tribute to the best and the safest Landstar owner-operators during the 4th annual Landstar BCO All-Star Celebration held in Orlando, Florida July 1st – 3rd.

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