Freedom, Security, Support

Independent Owner-Operator

Landstar has always fully supported Michael Lemasters commitment to the military. This support was evident when he received mobilization orders to report to Fort Benning in Georgia.

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The Transition to Freight Agency Ownership

Freight Agency Ownership

For those transportation and logistics professionals who have been toying with the idea of entrepreneurship, there are some points to take into consideration to help make the right choices. 

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5 Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Freight Agency

Freight Agent

Independent Landstar Agent Mike McSwain reflects on his decision to transition into entrepreneurship after working for other companies in the transportation and logistics industry for more than 30 years.

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J. Marshall Mizell Named Landstar Rookie of the Year

J. Marshall Mizell

Landstar presented the 2018 Rookie of the Year Award to independent Landstar Agent J. Marshall Mizell during Landstar’s Annual Agent Convention held in Marco Island, Florida, this month.

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Steering Women Toward Their Dreams

Landstar BCO Mentoring

When she became an over-the-road team driver with her husband Del, LaBree says she never imagined her trucking career would take her down the path of advising or coaching other owner-operators.

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A Plan to Succeed: Landstar’s BCO Mentoring Program

BCO Mentorship Program

Landstar has created a more formal approach to the support of its independent owner-operators and their success on the road.

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Growing With Landstar

Landstar Rookie of the Year

A former professional truck driver and logistics coordinator, Gherzu opened her Land O’Lakes, Florida-based independent Landstar agency with more than 20 years of industry experience and a book full of potential customers.

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The First Generation: A 30-Year Tradition

Landstar Agents and BCOs

As the first generation of independent Landstar entrepreneurs tells it, what hasn’t wavered is Landstar’s commitment to its independent business owners.

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The Next Generation: Millennial Agents and BCOs

Millennial Business Owners

In their 30s, this group of millennial business owners are eager for the future, to grow their businesses and the freedom to succeed with Landstar.

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2017 Rookie of the Year

Landstar Rookie of the Year

Although Mariana Gherzu is a “rookie” to the Landstar agent network, she’s not new to the transportation industry.

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