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Consumers have come to expect quick delivery times and good end-to-end visibility when tracking a shipment. This expectation has transferred into the business-to-business world. To achieve these goals in the cross-border environment, shippers have to stay proactive with their tracking and tracing, and work with a logistics service provider that has the data, experience and connections needed to get time-sensitive shipments from Point A to Point B quickly and claim-free.

A shipment traveling from the U.S. to a destination in Mexico, for instance, will probably require multiple legs (i.e., U.S. to Laredo, Laredo to Nuevo Laredo, etc.), and be handled by several entities (a drayage carrier in the U.S., the Mexican customs broker, and then a drayage carrier in Mexico). Maintaining a smooth transition between these entities requires good coordination and detailed pre-trip planning which is particularly critical for time-sensitive shipments. Shippers should seek out a provider that’s an expert in the process of dealing with customs and that offers the solutions and expertise necessary to get the shipments where they need to be on-time. If any aspect of the customs requirements or pre-trip planning is not done properly or timed accurately, it can delay shipments by hours, if not days.

Landstar Advantage: Reputation & Reliability

Landstar has solid relationships with carriers throughout Mexico upholding to our reputation of safe, reliable, on time transportation services. These long-term relationships contribute to Landstar’s history of seamless transitions between the carriers in Mexico and the carriers in the United States, especially when it comes to time-sensitive freight. Additionally, our customs brokerage located in our Laredo, Texas facility, allows us to manage these time-sensitive shipments from start to finish and minimize delays at customs.

Key Takeaway

Good end-to-end visibility and coordination is critical when shipping time-sensitive goods across the U.S.-Mexico border.