Star of Quality

When members of the Landstar family go above and beyond the call of duty, their extra efforts are recognized with Landstar’s Star of Quality Award. Deserving business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents receive bronze, silver, gold or platinum lapel pins recognizing their dedication to the best in transportation services.

Our thanks to the following Landstar owner operators and agents who are among the most elite in the freight transportation industry.

Star of Quality Award Winners of November 2016


Carl Elliot, Jill L. Elliot.

*A platinum star is awarded in exceptional circumstances such as those faced with a life or death situation.


Fabian Brimmer, Gerald Carton, Raymond Charles Emond, Victor B. Gomez.


Richard A. Brant, Keith Breeding, Manuel Cazares, Samuel P. McVea, Nelson F. Ramirez, William Asher Taylor, Jerry Wagner, Warren A. Wylds.


Halidou Abdoulaye, Tyrone Abram, Bert Jewell Burns Sr., Thomas W. Campbell, Anthony Frederick Chincholl, Victor M. Cisneros, Luke Cole, Thomas C. Crockett, Angel Luis Dones Jr., Dwayne A. Drew, Miroslaw Drewnowski, Christopher James Fina, Jason D. Franks, James Manuel Lliteras, Charles Wayne Lyons, Michael Ray McClenahan, Adam R. Miller, Bobby Hayden Morgan, Jerome A. Norman, William David Ntale, Roderick O’Brian Perkins, Timothy Eugene Pristas, John M. Seremba, Roger Cleveland Tingen Jr., Paul Turner, Chris Cornelius Walker, Richard Woodward.

If you would like to nominate a Landstar BCO or agent to receive a Star of Quality Award, send an email to