Landstar Safety Officers (LSOs) are ambassadors of safe transportation, responsible for establishing and maintaining awareness and support of Landstar’s many safety initiatives. Each independent Landstar agency is required to designate a Landstar Safety Officer, a professional from their agency who supports accident and cargo loss prevention, and regulatory compliance.

LSOs play a critical role in the success of Landstar’s safety performance by requiring the agency they represent adheres to Landstar’s safety-first culture. LSOs take ownership of sharing safety and loss-prevention programs with customers and Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs). More than 1,000 LSOs help keep Landstar an industry leader in safety by:

  • Practicing safety and compliance through Landstar’s dispatch procedures
  • Properly handling high-risk commodities in accordance with the law
  • Participating in the Mutual Understanding of Safety Together (M.U.S.T.) program, the monthly Safety Thursday Conference Call and Landstar Safety Officer meetings
  • Maintaining lawfully required hazardous material certification
  • Training and educating agency staff members on Landstar’s safety-first culture

Each month one Landstar Safety Officer is recognized for his or her safety efforts and is named the LSO of the Month. The 12 LSOs selected throughout the year become candidates for the prestigious title of LSO of the Year. The efforts made by Landstar Safety Officers help keep roadways, customer cargo and shipper facilities safe for everyone.