Becoming a truck driver takes careful planning, budgeting and savings. With Landstar, owner-operators are in control, they decide what and when they want to haul, and they have an advantage that many truck drivers in the industry do not. Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) can grow their businesses on their own terms, knowing they have the support they need through Landstar’s unique programs such as the Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchasing Program or LCAPP®.

The bulk buying program is only available to Landstar BCOs and offers discounts from the first day an owner operator leases to Landstar. LCAPP frequently adds new products and services that help owner operators lower their operating costs and grow their businesses.

Through LCAPP, owner operators receive third-party discounts on fuel, tires, equipment and more. Aside from daily savings with LCAPP’s fuel purchasing programs, Landstar BCOs can buy and sell equipment, trailers and purchase accessories easily and securely through LCAPP. From hotel stays to cell phone plans and personal automobiles, LCAPP offers Landstar BCOs opportunities to reduce expenses on hundreds of items.

Contact LCAPP to find out how you can cut costs as a Landstar BCO:

Call 1-800-531-5227, visit or email today.