Landstar joined other international trade expert companies at the 23rd Annual Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium held at Texas A&M International University at the end of September. This year’s symposium focused on “Pathways for Trade: North America, the Most Competitive Region in the World.”

As a leading authority on freight transportation with Mexico, Landstar Senior Vice President of Automotive Marketing Scott Grady participated as a presenter and panelist in a discussion about cross border transportation services {}. Grady focused on the procedure and infrastructure needed to meet the increasing flow of trade and traffic into and out of Mexico. Joining him on the panel were industry professionals from John Deere and two global logistics software providers.

“The United States and Mexico trade continues to grow at a fast pace. The symposium afforded Landstar the opportunity, as experts in the field, to start a discussion about the efforts that need to be made to support that growth,” explained Grady.

Grady represents Landstar as a member of the Laredo Development Foundation.  The foundation’s formation was announced during the two-day symposium, it will serve as the business authority for economic and industrial development in the Port of Laredo.