Landstar is first on the 2016 American Cranes & Specialized Transport (ACT) magazine’s list of North America’s largest specialized transportation companies.

Landstar Transportation Logistics has held  its top-place ranking among ACT’s Transport 50 for the 6th consecutive year, posting a fleet size of 12,651 for 2016 and a total capacity of 108,990. Landstar’s available fleet and capacity is more than double of the number two transportation company in this year’s Transport 50 rankings.

“This ranking  reinforces Landstar’s standing as the premier heavy haul and specialized carrier in the United States. The wide array of capacity in the Landstar network, coupled with some of the industry’s best heavy/specialized owner-operators, allows us to serve as the primary  provider for any size shipper or project,” says Rusty Cody, Landstar vice president of heavy specialized and intermodal services.

In August of 2016, Landstar ranked fifth among the World’s Largest Specialized Transport Companies according to the 2016 Transport 50 International Cranes & Specialized Transport ranking