Crosson Agency

The Crosson Agency LLC (GAD) aided FedEx in transporting a mobile field hospital for the global humanitarian nonprofit organization International Medical Corps.

“It is always a good day when we get to be involved with something that rewards others,” says independent Landstar Agent Lacey Crosson-Cornelius.

The portable hospital is a fully functioning 60-bed emergency field unit which, when fully deployed, takes up the space of a football field. Each crate hauled contained vital equipment and supplies, which allows the hospital to function as a shelter, surgery and medical care center. Once deployed, the field hospital gives medical professionals a way to provide care in the most remote areas of the world and save lives in emergency disaster situations.

“This haul was special because it involved so many segments of the Landstar system – from the coordination of the loads and business capacity owners (BCOs) to the delivery. We all worked together in an effort that is going to help save lives in the future,” says Crosson-Cornelius.

Landstar and the team at The Crosson Agency put together a custom solution, carefully coordinating five Landstar BCOs, who drove in convoy, hauling the mobile hospital 1,756 miles from Hammett, Idaho to Memphis, Tennessee.

“I had never driven in a convoy like that before,” says Landstar BCO Tim Keeney. “It was a massive undertaking and the precise coordination to get five BCOs in the convoy and arriving at the delivery site at the same time was incredible.”

When the field hospital arrived in Memphis, the International Medical Corps’ cameras were rolling and streaming live on Facebook as the team of Landstar BCOs and professionals from FedEx unloaded the portable unit.

The field hospital is now staged at a more central U.S. location, the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, and is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

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