Star of Quality

Every day members of the Landstar family go above and beyond the call of duty and deserving BCOs and agents are honored with Landstar’s Star of Quality Award.  Qualified award winners receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum colored lapel pin that recognizes their extra efforts.

Hats off to our Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Star of Quality winners for February 2016!


Florencio P. Cardenas

*A platinum star is awarded in exceptional circumstances. The platinum star is intended for Landstar’s Heroes of the Highway, those faced with a life or death situation.


Jonathan E. Damm*, Glenn A. Englert, Daniel Gensch, Kenneth W. Giddings*, Victor Markle*.

*Going beyond the Gold – recipient has received multiple Gold Star Awards.


John Dixon Andrews, Pamela S. Andrews, Deborah Fenwick, Gregory A. Fenwick, James H. Huguley, Matthew Mickenberg, Thomas Moody, Matthew Nickolson, Leslie J. Osborn, Joreen M. Paltza, James Charles Paltza, Edward Thomas Prince, James A. Ratcliff, Cletus S. Renninger, Anthony R. Rowland, Jerald L. Vassar, Joyce Vassar.


Michael Barnes, Rashinda Barnes, John Oliver Batchelor, Jason Bolinger, Joseph A. Bologna, Stanley J. Boss Sr., William F. Boyer Jr., Doyle Andrew Bratton, Patrick Lee Bridges, Kimberly Ann Bynum, Robert T. Bynum, Christopher E. Carter, Ronald Comadore, Larry S. Daves, Leonard R. Deromo, Darrell G. Eisenhauer, Brenda Eunice Green Vaughn, Creig Griffin, Hansel Hickey, Veronj Hickey, Nicolae Ilie, Dennis L. Kimberlin, Stanley Launza Jr., Lee Roy Lawrence, James Tyrus Long Jr., Edgar Morataya, Steve S. Murtoff, Joseph Michael Olivares, Clifton Daniel Parker, James Gary Potter, Jennifer C. Richardson, James Saxton Richardson, Mark A. Schallhorn, Richard Charles Schenkel, Dawn M. Selker, Nathaniel Henderson Smiley, Randal L. Smith, Robert J. Smith, Walter E. Toddes, Branden A. Tyrrell, James F. White Jr., Mitzi M. White, Marian Yordanov (Fleet Owner), Philip Joseph Young, Tomisha Diana Young, Sibonizo J. Zamisa.