Landstar Safety Day

When Landstar Agent Sandra Ambrose-Clark started Landstar Safety Day at Without a Doubt Specialized Haulers in Fairfield, Ohio, she did it with just one thing on her mind, “safety.”

“I thought, if I could save one life on the road with this event, it would all be worth it,” said Ambrose-Clark.

Over the last two years, Ambrose-Clark has made it her mission to promote driving safety, with her agency’s annual “Safety Day.” The day is not only for Landstar BCOs and Carriers, but to educate every driver traveling our nation’s highways about safety.

“Landstar BCO Gary Buchs was here again this year with the No-Zone trailer, and educated everyone about safe driving around a big truck,” said Ambrose-Clark.

This year, Ambrose-Clark also invited officials with Fairfield’s local law enforcement and fire department, members from the Red Cross and officials with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program to help with safety education throughout the day. To her surprise, the Mayor of Fairfield, Ohio, Steve Miller, showed up with a proclamation marking Friday, September 11, 2015 as “Landstar Safety Day,” throughout the City of Fairfield.

“Without a Doubt Specialized Haulers has put safety at the center of this community,” said Ambrose-Clark. “I didn’t know the mayor would show up. It was such a surprise.  We were, and still are, truly honored.”

The proclamation reads, “Sandra Ambrose-Clark and her staff have created the Landstar Safety Day in order to educate all on truck safety and promote community among the businesses of Fairfield, Ohio.”

Ambrose-Clark believes the proclamation.  It’s the next step for safety in Fairfield, hoping that her agency’s safety day will impact the future drivers, save lives and keep more families safe on the road.