Tracking and Tracing

Supply chain visibility is at or near the top of every shipper’s “must have” list. While there may be a brief time period of limited visibility as customs or other regulatory bodies take possession of cross-border shipments, visibility over the end-to-end supply chain is both doable and attainable for companies conducting business in Mexico. For cross-border shipments, having visibility over all equipment is crucial.

Access to data has facilitated better visibility and a qualified cross-border carrier should be able to provide shippers with shipment tracking even after their freight crosses into Mexico. Many large Mexican carriers use satellite tracking on their equipment to support 24/7 visibility. This tracking can then be relayed to the shipper as notifications, alerts and milestones about their freight.

Tracking and tracing is a big deal for cross-border shippers, mainly because they know they’re already going to lose sight of their shipments during the customs process. Maintaining good visibility from origin to destination is a security measure and should be common practice for any carrier.

Landstar Advantage: Tracking and Visibility

Shippers that work with Landstar do not lose visibility of their shipment once it crosses the U.S.-Mexico border. Landstar’s technology allows shippers to receive alerts via email with an estimated delivery time, notices of possible delays and notifications once the cargo has arrived at the border. Our commitment to safe and reliable deliveries is why shippers trust Landstar with their cross-border shipments.

Key Takeaway

Access to data is helping companies attain higher levels of visibility of their freight once it moves across the border.