Women In Trucking

Congratulations to Landstar BCO Deb LaBree who was named to the 2016 Women In Trucking Association’s (WIT) Image Team during the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in March.

LaBree is one of 13 women who were selected to be part of this year’s Image Team, which was announced during the 7th annual Salute to Women Behind the Wheel event at MATS in Louisville, Kentucky.

“It is an honor to be part of the Image Team. It’s been a fantastic year so far meeting all the other women involved, seeing the passion they have for this industry, and mentoring and teaching the women who are still in school and looking forward to becoming part of this industry,” explained LaBree.

The mission of the WIT Image Team is to represent women in the industry while bringing awareness to the need for more female drivers and the challenges they face working in an industry mostly comprised of men. Throughout the year, the Image Team participates in ride-along events for legislators, regulators and industry leaders, providing them with a deeper understanding of the obstacles women face in the transportation industry.

Deb and her husband, Del, are team drivers who leased on with Landstar in 2014.

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