Fred Durbin

Landstar Business Capacity Owner (BCO),  Roadstar recipient and 3 Million Mile Safe Driver Fred Durbin is no stranger to being acknowledged for his safe driving and professionalism behind the wheel. But, he was surprised to receive the Landstar BCO Lifetime Achievement Award. The honor is kept a secret until it’s awarded each year during Landstar’s All-Star Celebration.

“I should have known when everyone was calling to make sure that I would be at the event. I should have known you were up to something, but I wasn’t expecting it,” Durbin laughed when he was later asked about the surprise honor.

Durbin leased on with Ligon on May 5, 1978 and over the last 38 years, has poured his heart and soul into safe driving as part of the Landstar family. Durbin has received many, many recognitions and accolades for his dedication to the industry and to Landstar.

In 1998, Durbin was named a 2 Million Mile Safe Driver and that same year he was inducted as a Roadstar driver, then in 2008 he achieved 3 million safe miles. Throughout his career he has received 37 annual safe driving awards with Landstar. In order to receive the annual safe driving award with Landstar, BCOs must drive 35,000 miles a year and have no preventable accidents or moving violations.

“Back before I became a Roadstar, my wife Marveline told me ‘Just you wait, they’re going to make you a Roadstar,’ and I didn’t believe her. And then, Landstar did and I was so honored just to be a Roadstar,” Durbin reminisced.

Marveline wasn’t able to attend the event to see the BCO accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, but she and their grandson, Michael, cheered when he called them with the news at home in Corinth, Mississippi.

“Marveline was surprised at this one. We had no idea I was receiving this honor and are both so pleased and grateful,” Durbin said.

To be considered for this award nominees must be an active or retired Landstar BCO who has or was leased on to Landstar for 20 consecutive years. Nominees must also have earned 2 Million Miler status and have been named a Landstar Roadstar winner. Nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award have also demonstrated professionalism throughout their careers by developing positive interactions with regulatory and enforcement personnel, customers, agents and Landstar employees, and have received industry recognition.

The National Safety Council has recognized Durbin three times as its Safe Driver of the Year, an annual award recognizing outstanding drivers throughout the country who have logged significant time and miles without preventable accidents. Durbin was selected for the award from hundreds
of qualified professional drivers.

“I just love trucking and I always have,” Durbin poignantly explained his passion for driving. “When you love what you do, you do the best job possible.”

Durbin, who still drives the 2008 royal blue Freightliner he won during the Landstar truck giveaway in the spring of 2008, celebrated his 72nd birthday in August. When asked “What’s next?” Durbin quickly responded, “I’m going to keep looking for the next load. I’ll be driving as long as I am able.”