Star of Quality

Every day members of the Landstar family go above and beyond the call of duty and so, deserving BCOs and agents are honored with Landstar’s Star of Quality Award. Qualified candidates receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum colored lapel pin that recognizes their extra efforts.

Hats off to our Star of Quality Winners for August 2015!


Terry Ray Foust

*A platinum star is awarded in exceptional circumstances. The platinum star is intended for Landstar’s Heroes of the Highway, those faced with a life or death situation.


Jonathan E. Damm *, Ronald L. Gustin, George Proctor Jr. *, Vada Proctor*, Jose M. Sabino, Paul M. Todorovich*, Richard Wayne Voss*

*Going beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star Awards.


David Britt, Miguel A. Gutierrez-Hernandez, John P. Hill, David S. Kunkel, Warren Lark, Carl Eugene Nell, Jeryl D. Noel, Robert D. Noel, Charles Robson, Thomas Wilburn.


Elbert R. Butler, Randall T. Caylor, Eugene Lamar Cohens, David F. Cox, Alvin Curtis Craig, Laurie J. Cunningham, Wesley Allen Davis, Todd A. Denison, Margo Lisa Duarte, Gerald F. Fiset, Earl J.R. Freeman, John Gay, Hozie Graham Jr., Steven Grillo, Wesner Ludwin Gutierrez, Raphael J. Hall, Rodney Leon Hall, Adrian T. Hardemon, Brian R. Harris, David Lee Harris, Jacob W. Hughes, Mary Webster Larson, Teddy McCullough, Sergio Patino, Michael S. Peck, Robert Charles Pike, David Preston Jr., George W. Pultz, Eric W. Vincent, Tim D. White, James L. Winekoff.