hazmat transportation

Even though a manufacturer may be an expert at producing goods it may not be as well-versed in the intricacies of transporting those materials, including unknowingly offering carriers non-compliant hazmat shipments. Shippers should not assume that all carriers will haul hazmat or that the carriers they select will look after the shipper’s best interests by verifying shipments are compliant.

While shippers must determine for themselves best practices for selecting carriers to transport hazmat shipments, these four steps can aid the process of hiring a carrier to transport a hazmat shipment.

Vet The Carrier

Companies should vet the hazmat carriers they utilize on items ranging from financial stability to appropriate insurance to experienced personnel and only use reputable carriers that are knowledgeable in hazardous materials. Request proof of operating authority, permits, safety rating, and years in business providing hazardous materials transportation services.

Ask About the Process For Checking Hazmat Shipments

Using carriers that scrutinize the hazmat shipments they accept can and does catch shipment discrepancies that could otherwise result in unsafe situations or violations at roadside Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections. Such carriers minimize potential risk and liability of non-compliant shipments to the company. A site visit and discussion with a carrier’s key hazmat professionals will provide insight into their processes around training, monitoring and communication.

Look For Carriers With A Hazmat Department

When selecting a carrier, companies should seek out one that has a hazmat department that offers high levels of service and either meets or exceeds safety and compliance standards.

Use A Carrier With Hazmat Certified Drivers

Independent owner-operators leased to Landstar are hazmat certified and Landstar is one of the few carriers that requires all of its owner-operators to maintain certification.

For more information about how Landstar can help move your hazmat freight, visit www.hazmat.landstar.com.