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How to Build Your Freight Agency

Landstar Services

Opening a freight agency is an exciting undertaking. But any entrepreneur knows that growing a business is not a simple mission. What do you need to do to build your freight agency?

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The Landstar Star of Quality

September & October 2019 Star of Quality Awards When independent Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents go above and beyond the call of duty, their efforts are recognized with Landstar’s Star of Quality award. Each month,

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5 Tips to Grow Your Freight Agency

5 Tips to Grow Freight Agency

Whether you already own a freight agency or you are considering becoming a freight agency owner, these steps will guide you in your quest to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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Freedom, Security, Support

Independent Owner-Operator

Landstar has always fully supported Michael Lemasters commitment to the military. This support was evident when he received mobilization orders to report to Fort Benning in Georgia.

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Bravo Zulu Landstar: Veteran’s Memorial Move

Landstar Government Services

The A-7’s transport from Pocahontas, Arkansas, into Jacksonville is part of the first phase in constructing a National POW/MIA Memorial and Museum on the decommissioned Navy base.

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Promoting Safe and Compliant Safety Initiatives

Landstar Safety Officers

Landstar Safety Officers (LSOs) are the representatives from each independent agency at the forefront of Landstar’s customer safety initiatives.

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Mission Possible: Alaskan Logistics Challenge

Transportation Solutions

When independent agency Crosson Logistics was approached by its customer to pick up a load by truck in Juneau, Alaska and deliver in Washington State, the agency team turned the “impossible” challenge into a solution.

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FMCSA ELD Mandate Approaches

The FMCSA ELD mandate deadline is quickly approaching. Landstar independent business capacity owners (BCOs) must complete the final upgrade to ELD software by Dec. 1.

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The Landstar Link, Fall 2019

The Landstar Link

The Fall 2019 Landstar Link is now available!

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How LandstarOne™ Guides Business Decisions


The LandstarOne app gives BCOs access to their LCAPP® fuel savings, the Landstar Maximizer® and Available Loads apps, a quick link to, and is a source for news and information from Landstar.

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