A highway construction zone is one place to expect the unexpected. Most times, you can plan a route around a work zone, but here’s how you can be prepared to deal with them even when you can’t plan ahead.

  • Look for signs warning of construction areas such as “Road Work Ahead.”
  • Slow down and observe the posted speed limit.
  • Increase your distance between vehicles.
  • Share the right-of-way with other vehicles merging into your lane.
  • Watch for speeding vehicles that may cut in front of you and brake suddenly.
  • Watch for rough, uneven and narrow pavement, drop-offs and other conditions which could affect your vehicle.
  • Avoid abrupt lane changes or sudden stops.

Statistics show 80 percent of construction zone accidents occur in the transition areas. Remember to watch for construction workers who may be dangerously close to traffic.

To get through construction zones safely, slow down, stay alert, be patient, expect the unexpected and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

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