Vehicle Maintenance

Pre-trip inspection is one of the most important safety cornerstones to operating a large vehicle. Maintaining your vehicle means beginning and ending every trip safely. While there are no specific guidelines as to how long pre-trip inspections need to take, drivers who check everything that should be checked, should spend about 35 minutes to an hour to complete a full pre-trip inspection.

In addition to pre- and post-trip inspections, it’s also important to check your vehicle’s load while in route. Drivers are required by law to inspect their truck and trailer before the start of the trip and once within every 24 hours while on the road.

Ensuring your vehicle is safe for operation and is free from defects is another vital step before taking a long trip.

Drivers should note any changes in their truck’s sounds or “personality.”

  • Listen for irregular sounds
  • Be aware of any unusual odors that may signal trouble
  • Pay attention to your vehicle’s response on the road
  • Observe your vehicle’s gauges and parts
  • Always check for cargo security

Knowing your vehicle and being aware of any changes that may be happening while you are driving could mean the difference between life and death.

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